11 Best Food For Hair : Haircutsolution In 2022

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The effect of our food is visible on our whole body, in the same way best food for hair has an effect on our hair too, we can make our hair thick and black by taking a balanced and healthy diet. We are telling you about 11 such healthy diet, by consuming which your hair will become long, beautiful, black and thick.

Note: Right time to eat food Right way and right thinking

1. Green vegetables and beans

Best Food For Hair

Spinach, fenugreek, green coriander, and legumes vegetables are very beneficial for your hair. Whatever your favorite green vegetable is, it is very beneficial for the hair and a proper and balanced diet for our body.

2. Capsicum

The taste of capsicum is faint, but capsicum is rich in vitamin C, iron, by consuming it we get very beneficial nutrients for hair growth.

There are many such green vegetables, we eat them, but due to not knowing the right way of consumption, their vitamins and minerals are greatly reduced. Washing any green vegetable thoroughly and eating it raw is the best, it gets the right nutrients for our body.

3. Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd is such a natural fruit that if you take its juice regularly, your hair gets proper nutrition. The juice of bottle gourd refreshes our body and strengthens the hair, the iron and vitamins present in bottle gourd strengthen the hair, consume it in the morning.

4. Aloevera

Your hair falls due to lack of zinc and protein, zinc is found the most in aloe vera. Aloe Vera is very beneficial for the hair. You can drink its juice daily, and you can also apply aloe vera leaves on the head. Which will give you quick and natural result.

5. Sweet Potatoes

Eating sweet potato strengthens the hair, hair fall is reduced to a great extent, vitamins A and C present in it strengthen the hair. By eating sweet potato by boiling or roasting, we get the benefit of it in the right way. Eat it in the morning with breakfast, you can consume it up to 100 grams, it is a right option for your health and your hair.

6. Sprouted Lentils

Put sprouts like gram, moong, urad, lentils, these give strength to our hair and our body. Eating it soaked in water gives good results. In this, fiber, vitamins, iron, are found in abundance. Consume these things in the morning and, after eating it, do not drink tea or coffee for 30 minutes. Its consumption should be kept only 30 to 50 grams daily.

7. Fruit

Watermelon, orange, lemon, grapes, chikoo, and many such juicy fruits which are sweet and sour in food, all make the hair strong, its effect is visible on our hair very quickly. Vitamins, iron, fiber are present in fruits. By consuming it regularly, the disease of the skin is cured by a lot.

8. Flowers and leaves

Flowers and leaves are very beneficial for our hair, like the flowers and leaves of Jaswant tree found in India, both of these things make our hair strong. The oil made from its flowers and leaves prevents hair fall to a great extent. The special types of vitamins present in flowers are beneficial for hair growth. You can also consume its leaves. Eating basil leaves also improves the growth of our hair.

9. Dry Fruit

Walnuts, dates, almonds, cashews, pistachios, coconut, there are many such dry fruits. In which omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins are found in abundance. By eating it, the growth of our hair happens very quickly in a natural way, and by consuming them, which is rich in protein, it works like a very effective medicine. 

10. Aliphatic Substance

Vitamin B-12, Vitamin-A are found in milk and milk products, we get the most calcium from milk. Which makes the bones of the body strong. If we consume this right way, then its effect will be visible on our hair and our body.

Curd is very beneficial for hair growth and dandruff, you can also apply curd on your scalp. And after keeping at least one hour wash it with clean water, curd contains bacteria, which is a very good option to reduce the dandruff of our head.

11. Non vegetarian food

The nutritional elements found in non-vegetarian food maintain a healthy balance in the body, and help fight many major diseases. Fish contains omega 3 fatty acids, which are very important for our hair. Therefore, by eating fish, our hair becomes strong, long and silky.

Eating Right Way Right Thinking And Right Time

It is very important to know the right time, right thinking and right way for our food, because if we pay attention to these things, then we will get proper nutrition from our food which is very important for our health.

1. Right time to eat

Give utmost importance to eating food in our daily routine, that’s why according to your routine, fix a time in the morning and in the evening, and eat food at the same time. It will be the routine of your body in the right way which balances our whole body.

2. Right way to eat food

Whatever you eat while eating, if it is too dry, then we should drink some water with it, or we should eat light, eat only when we are hungry, if possible eat only one type of food, Drink water half an hour after meals.

3. Right thinking while eating

When you eat food, eat it carefully, this can be a great way to use the energy you get from your food in the right way. We feel the energy it gets while eating food, but if we pay attention then the same food gives us even more nutrition.


We can get a lot of energy from our food, we have told 11 such best fruits and vegetables for hair, its results are easily available in everyone’s body by its consumption. The right nutrition on our body is necessary for the growth of our hair, and if we use best oil which is chemical free with this kind of food, then the result will be quick. Next…

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